sakonent is a crm 2.0 consultancy we focus on the new generation of collaborative crm (customer relationship management) solutions that can be deployed anywhere to deliver business value quickly, flexibly and progressively.

For us, business process and user adoption come first, technology comes second. We help clients optimize new Web 2.0 and cloud computing technologies for crm, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), SOA (service-oriented architecture), social networking, and open source. Our services include onsite and offshore crm consulting, implementation and outsourcing. We have formal technology relationships with Microsoft, Oracle (including Siebel),, SAP and SugarCRM.

Though crm platforms have grown robust and mature, some now view them as commodities. Rather than focusing on the platforms themselves, we are defining new ways for clients to adopt and optimize use of these platforms. Sakonent was founded in 2009 by a group of ex-"Big 4" crm consulting executives who acquired a ten-year-old offshore crm consulting practice. Using all of their collective experience as a springboard, they apply the best of traditional crm consulting to the crm 2.0 world. Sakonent is privately held with 100 employees and headquartered in the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois."

little insights
it's pronounced: SAK-oh-nent
"sakonent" is an anglicized form of the Hindi word "sukoon", which means tranquility or the sense of relief after a period of doubt or fear